Activity 1:       Fold a paper 8 times in any way.  Unfold and locate various convex and                                    concave polygons.


Activity 2:       To verify that the sum of interior angles of a quadrilateral is 3600 by paper                      cutting and pasting.


Activity 3:       To verify that the sum of measures of the exterior angles of any polygon is                      3600 by paper cutting and pasting.


                        (Note: Verify the result for a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon and



Activity 4:       To make the following by paper folding and cutting


a.                   a kite

b.                  a rhombus


Activity 5:       To verify that


i)                    diagonals of a rectangle are of equal length

ii)                   diagonals of a square are of equal length

iii)                 Investigate the results for a rhombus and a parallelogram

, using stretched threads.


Activity 6:     (Group Activity)


a)                  Do a survey of your class and collect the data from all students of your class who spent more than 4 hours in watching TV.  Represent the collected data, in the form of a histogram by paper cutting and pasting.

b)                  Write how much you spent during a day in the following headings


            i) school           ii) homework    iii) play iv) sleep           

           v) watching TV vi) others

              Represent the information in a Pie chart.












Activity 7:       To observe the following number patterns and generate it up to next three steps


i)                        12 =                          1

                                      112 =              1          2          1

                                    1112 =  1          2          3          2          1


ii)                   1+3         = 4     =  22

1+3+5     = 9     = 32

1+3+5+7 = 162 = 42


                         (Note: Teacher may take any other such number patterns)




Activity 8:       Draw front view, top view and side view of the following shapes made by unit cubes.        



Activity 9:       To make cubes and cuboids of given dimensions using unit cubes                                               and to calculate volume of each.


(i)                  4x3x2

(ii)                3x3x3














Activity 10:       To explore the relationship between

(i)                  Length (in cm) and perimeter (in cm)

(ii)                Length (in cm) and area (in cm2)

            of 5 squares of different dimensions drawn on a squared paper.


Length of a side (L)

Square 1

Square 2

Square 3

Square 4

Square 5

Perimeter (P)






Area (A)






















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