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CBSE Sample Papers


Best CBSE sample paper for 8th class. If we talk about the CBSE sample papers and helps books for 8th class. There are many tips of sample paper, guess paper and helps books are available. Like JPH sample papers, Golden CBSE Sample Papers and guides, MBD sample papers and guides.
All these sample papers try to attract students to buy and use it. Many time sample paper company also use advertisement and offer many gifts to attract students.


About sample paper:


JPH: - its language is so simple; students love to buy JPH help books as they easily learn the question answers. They don't use typical words and language. On the other hand if we talk about MBD, it is title bit of hard as compare to JPH Books. But different students chose different help books.

If you are confident and you have revised your all topics well, then you need a sample paper or help books for some extra practices in mathematics, as we all know that just covering NCERT books is not enough. Extra practice is must to get higher marks. In case of 9th class or below, students go for all in one sample paper and practicing these sample paper is enough.

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